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So much to tell you about what we are up to – our birthday parties next month, community-wide scavenger hunt, meet & greet next week, Board meeting and volunteer opportunity!

Happy Birthday to Us!

We have officially announced our DECAde celebrations, our 10th birthday, with a few exciting events. We’ll tell you more, but here are the highlights:

  • celebration at the East Lynn Farmers’ Market at East Lynn Park (1949 Danforth Avenue) from 4-6 pm on September 21st. Formal remarks and a cake-cutting to begin at 5pm.
  • cocktail soirée at The Shore Leave (1775A Danforth Avenue) on Saturday, September 23rd from 7-9 pm (cash bar)
  • self-led scavenger hunt from now to September 21st to encourage individuals and families to explore the Danforth East neighbourhood to find the 10 spots, using our clues.

Free scavenger hunt maps & clues will be available at the East Lynn Park Farmers’ Market on Thursdays or download one here. Completed maps can be dropped off at the DECA table at the Farmers’ Market every Thursday from 3-7pm until September 21st. All completed maps will be entered into a draw, with results announced at The Shore Leave cocktail soirée on September 23rd.

Meet & Greet + Board Meeting

Who should come to our meet & greet on Tuesday? You should! It’s from 7-8pm at Gerrard’s Pizza in the basement (1528 Danforth). You should come if you’re new to the neighbourhood, or you’re curious about what exactly DECA does and who we are (spoiler alert: we’re all volunteers with full lives but we just really love our neighbourhood and we are fun!) or because you are interested in joining our Board or volunteeringin some other capacity. Come for a chat, and it’s up to you whether you’d like to stay for the Board meeting!

You are also invited to join us for our Board meeting from 8-9pm. Same location. Do you have an agenda item? Just let us know!

Click here to email us with any questions or to RSVP. We appreciate it if you let us know you are coming so we can reach you if anything changes and so that we can change to a bigger location if needed. Please also tell us about any accommodation needs. (The room is not accessible but we will find one that is if needed)

Volunteer Opportunity: Still need cooks

We are still looking for volunteer cooks to feed the farmers’ at our East Lynn Farmers’ Market. Some spots have filled since we made our plea last week but lots of spots are still available. Make a simple meal for 10-15 and we pay you a $20 honourarium. Past volunteer cooks have really enjoyed this chance to give back to the people who bring us their fresh local food week after week! Click here to sign up and for more information.

Other ways to get more involved:

Join DECA as a member for $10/household for the year. deca.to/membership/

Interested in volunteering? Click here to sign up and you’ll be added to our volunteer email list!


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To celebrate the year that was and the year to come, please come to our annual party on November 16 from 6:30-9:30 at Hirut Restaurant 2050 Danforth, just west of Woodbine. (Pssst, it’s also our Annual General Meeting, but we like to focus on the party!)

We’ll have some of Hirut’s delicious Ethiopian food on hand, live music and a cash bar. Oh, and at around 8pm we’ll have to do some actual business – the treasurer’s report, updates about all the teams and a last but not least, the election of the 2015-2016 Board! All are welcome and we would be so happy for you to join us.


Thanks to Tak Bui for this poster!

For election:

Sheri Hebdon (Chair)

Audrey Kvedaras (Vice Chair)

Anita Schretlen (Treasurer)

Alison McMurray (Secretary)

Amanda Olson (Member-at-Large)

Melissa Peretti (Member-at-Large)

Shelley Darling (Member-at-Large)

Corinne McCabe (Member-at-Large)

David Del Grande (Member-at-Large)

Mark Rullo (Member-at-Large)

Loreen Barbour (Member-at-Large)

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Here is the second post in the series of Ten Questions for DECA Board members spearheaded by DECA volunteer Heather Bean.  She posed ten questions to each of our board members to learn a little bit about where they come from, who they are, and what their dreams are for our neighbourhood.  Meet DECA’s former treasurer, Lorraine Cheng and our local history expert and Jane’s Walk leader, Stephen Wickens.

Ten Questions for . . . Lorraine Cheng


How long have you been living in the neighbourhood?

I have been living in the neighbourhood since 2007.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Hong Kong.

How do you spend your Saturday mornings?

Saturday mornings I have coffee, share a plate of fruit with my husband and read the Saturday newspaper at home.

What’s your favourite thing to buy at the Farmer’s Market, and what do you do with it?

Corn: steam it, put on butter, salt and pepper. Yum yum.

How did you get involved with DECA?

In 2008 I was at the market and signed up to be a member at large. From 2011 to 2013 I took on the role of treasurer.

Do you have a dream DECA project?

Too many! I would like to bring in more restaurants in our community.

Which business on the Danforth sees you the most–and what brings you there?

The fruit and veggie store—Kelly Food Market.

If you could open (or persuade someone else to open) a business on the Danforth, what would it be?

A bookstore with a little cafe.

If you could change one thing about the neighbourhood, what would it be?

Get rid of all the nail salons.

When you tell other people about our neighbourhood, what do you say?

We are changing.

Ten Questions for . . . Stephen Wickens


How long have you been living in the neighbourhood?

My wife and I moved into DECA territory in January 2002, and clearly the timing was excellent.

Where did you grow up?

In the Beach neighbourhood, just a few doors up from the lake. From that vantage point, the Danforth seemed like an exotic, real-world place. I was quite excited when the subway opened in 1966. I remember going to see a few movies at the Prince of Wales theatre (now Valumart), and in the late 1960s, John’s Hobby Shop and, of course, Stan Lane’s Cycle and Sports (which I think was where the Home Hardware is now). Stan’s was the first store I knew of where you could buy curved hockey sticks.

How do you spend your Saturday mornings?

No set pattern, though it’s often reading the longer feature stories in the papers.

How did you get involved with DECA?

I was kicking myself for not being in DECA from day one. I had been involved in two previous attempts to start a neighbourhood association, but they went nowhere. When I heard that a group was up and going, I was eager to join.

Do you have a dream DECA project?

We’re working on it. Though only in its nascent stages, the visioning project should be a bottom-up consultation process aimed at generating a broad understanding of our neighbourhood economy. Armed with that, through DECA, residents should be able to contribute wisely and credibly to city planning policy discussions and debates over development proposals or empty storefronts.  It’s all about generating diversity and vibrancy.

Which business on the Danforth sees you the most–and what brings you there?

Most of the bread in our house comes from Celena’s. I go to Moberly Natural Foods and The Twelfth Fret. I love the chicken wings at TKO’s, but don’t get to eat them enough. I do my banking at the Woodbine RBC. Because we’re in DECA’s wild west, I’m often on the strip over to Greenwood. Local Supermarket has the best mangoes and the Linsmore has had some really fun bands in recent months. I go east of DECA turf when I have that fish and chip hankering: You can’t beat Duckworth’s at Main.

If you could open (or persuade someone else to open) a business on the Danforth, what would it be?

A really good supermarket. We do most of our grocery shopping at the Coxwell No Frills, but…. 

If you could change one thing about the neighbourhood, what would it be?

As Jane Jacobs pointed out in The Death and Life of Great American Cities, we need to get lots of people on our sidewalks at different times of day, and for different reasons. She argued that a key and often overlooked factor in the decades of decline neighbourhoods such as ours experienced during the 1970s, ’80s and ’90s was that we lost employment. It’s not that we’ll get the factories back, nor would many locals stand for the inconveniences of industrial neighbours but, again as Jacobs pointed out, office jobs fit wonderfully into residential areas around subway stations, as long as it’s all within a human/pedestrian scale. We need to become the model for the city’s mid-rise avenues plan. So, along with the residential density we’ll inevitably get in the coming years, we need to rejuvenate the mix of primary uses in the neighbourhood, mostly by getting people to come here during the daytime when so many of us are working in other hoods. A healthy time-spread of local foot traffic makes it so much easier for secondary-use businesses — local stores and restaurants — to thrive.

When you tell other people about our neighbourhood, what do you say?

There aren’t many prewar neighbourhoods that are still very much on the rise. But this is one. I also tell folks they should join me for the Jane’s Walk I lead each May.

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Spring is chalking up to be a busy time for Danforth East!  In addition to the activities listed in a previous post, there’s also a transit expansion and funding discussions, a spoken word celebration via Open Minds and Red Rocket and an education session on encouraging young readers.  Take your pick!

#CodeRedTO Transition Meeting – Tomorrow

CodeRed Toronto

Open Minds: Makin’ a Racket at the Rocket – Friday

Preview of “Microsoft Word - Racket_poster_Apr,_May,_June[1].docx”

Something for the Young Readers – Wednesday

Earl Haig - Reading

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