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The Danforth East Community Association (DECA) is

Looking for Artisans

for this year’s juried outdoor arts and crafts fair

Online applications are due
March 31, 2017

Apply Now!

For further information, visit the Danforth East Arts Fair website.

The Danforth East Arts Fair provides artists with a unique opportunity to showcase and sell their work. Our vibrant community is filled with new families, established homeowners and creative folks who are eager to support local artists.  Our neighbourhood event has drawn coverage and rave reviews from media and blogs.  Don’t miss out!

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While the DECA activity at the market is over a number of our vendors will still be coming this week to sell their wares (apples, squash and fries to name a few!)  If you weren’t able to make it out last week, please come out this week to say good-bye and say thank you for their contributions this season.  I’m sure they’ll appreciate your business!


Over the years the market has become such a fixture in the neighbourhood for four months every summer. It’s easy to think that it just ‘happens’ now. But it doesn’t. Many volunteer hours and donations of services are provided each week to help ensure that the market runs smoothly.  So in addition to the many individuals and businesses named last week, we have a few more thank you’s to add this week.

The market organizing team, consisting of Alison McMurray, Rebecca Green, Shelley Darling, Nana Jokara, Diana Gonzalez and Nicole Bergot-Browning, will take about a week off before they begin planning next years market season. Our partners at Farmers’ Markets Ontario and FMO market manager, Yuri Fraser, help to ensure our market has certified local producers, deal with the fun stuff like permits and insurance and manage the weekly operations.

We were fortunate to have a team of people helping out with our blog updates this year.  Thank you to Sheri Hebdon, Sarah Hutchinson, Shelley Darling, Kate Nichols, Jen Rowe and Karolina Hordowick for helping to get the word out each week. We also had some generous sponsors and supporters pitch in to help bring more entertainment and animated fun.  Thank you to D on D Dental, Councillor Mary-Margret McMahon, MPP Arthur Potts and MP Nate Erskine-Smith for you contributions.

And finally, thank you to all of YOU, our shoppers, for supporting the market each week with your presence, your participation and your dollars!  Our market is only successful if people support the farmers whose livelihoods depend on us.

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While there are still  two more weeks of left of the East Lynn Park Farmers Market, for some of our farmers this will be their last week. Be sure say thank you for choosing our market to sell at each week!

A local vineyard will grace us with their presence for one last week. Stop by Rancourt Winery to sample their wears and stock your cellars until next year.


This will also be the last week for our amazing team of volunteer face painters. We’ve enjoyed your artistic talents and your patience as you make magic appear on the faces of so many little ones each week. Be sure to wish them best of luck as they return to various schools across the country. Rabeea is attending the OCAD University, Kelly will be returning to York University, Doris and Zilin are heading back to Leaside High School, Maha goes to Monarch Park, Fiza is at University of Waterloo and Rebecca is off to UBC!


We’d also like to express a huge thank you to our many, many volunteers that make the market happen each week.  This week, let’s thank our weekly cooks and DECA Booth Volunteers.

2016 Cooks: Susan & Bruce Croft, Deb Dorsey, Renee McKenzie, Ruth Heathcote (Wag on the Danforth), Alisa Metcalfe, Alison McMurray (The Ceili Cottage), Kirsten Hurd, Shelley Pogue, Sheila Colla, Susan & Brian Spratley, Nicola St. John and Melanie’s Bistro,

2016 DECA Booth Volunteers: Justine Saccomanno, Aris Englhard, Stephanie Vorstermans, Meghan Parks, Jennifer Jewell, Annette Bourque, Deb Dorsey (again!), Carolyn Rouse, Fahreen Ladak, Sheri Hebdon, Kendal Gerard (and wee Frankie Rose), Carrie MacMillan and Zoe Flatman.

The East Lynn Farmers’ Market runs every Thursday from 3-7:00 p.m. between June 2 – October 20 at East Lynn Park, located on the south side of Danforth Ave, just west of Woodbine Ave. Stay up to date by visiting the East Lynn Market Facebook page or by following us on Twitter.

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It’s Harvestfest at the East Lynn Farmers’ Market this Thursday, October 6th from 3-7 p.m.  Stock up on all your Thanksgiving produce, cheese, meats, breads, pies, maple syrup, honey, wine and pumpkins from our fabulous Farmers!  Stay and enjoy the band, the Turnups, and a performance by James FunnyHat.

If you’re looking for some recipe inspiration for the long weekend, here are a few of the ideas submitted by your neighbours:

Due to a rainy day last week, the City of Toronto Planners will be back again this week to talk about the upcoming Danforth Avenue Planning Study.

See you there!

P.S. Honeycrisp apples are here.


The East Lynn Farmers’ Market runs every Thursday from 3-7:00 p.m. between June 2 – October 13 at East Lynn Park, located on the south side of Danforth Ave, just west of Woodbine Ave. Stay up to date by visiting the East Lynn Market Facebook page or by following us on Twitter.

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Fall is here and it is our favorite time of year to enjoy the amazing variety of produce from our Ontario farmers. We are always excited to see the butternut squash appear this time of year, because it means soup season has begun. One of our favorites is the butternut squash, kale and farro soup shown below. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! Here is the recipe.



City Planning – Danforth Avenue Planning Study Planners in Public Spaces (PiPS) Event

Representatives from City Planning will be at the East Lynn Farmer’s Market on Thursday, September 29th from 3PM to 7PM to meet with local residents and discuss the upcoming Danforth Avenue Planning Study. For more information on the study, please visit www.toronto.ca/danforthstudy. While you are shopping for delicious treats from the farmer’s market take a few minutes to stop by, meet your local planning staff, and discuss the study. We would love to hear your thoughts on your neighbourhood and what local features are important to you. Your feedback will be helpful to shape the study’s terms of reference, goals and outcomes. We look forward to chatting about this important topic!

Free Yoga with Camila Sinisterra

Everyone is welcome to join Camila Sinisterra for yoga this week between 5:30 – 6:30 pm. All ages and abilities are welcome and no mat is necessary.


The East Lynn Farmers’ Market runs every Thursday from 3-7:00 p.m. between June 2 – October 13 at East Lynn Park, located on the south side of Danforth Ave, just west of Woodbine Ave. Stay up to date by visiting the East Lynn Market Facebook page or by following us on Twitter.


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(apologies for the late message this week) 
It’s that wonderful time of year again. The first tints of red and yellow are showing on the trees at East Lynn, the air is finally crisp and our farmers are starting to bring in apples to the market. Gala, Granny Smith (keep reading, we have an awesome recipe you can use them in) and Honey Crisp—all the favourites will be offered now and into the coming weeks!
Plus, there are lots of great things to check out this week. Starting at 4:30 p.m. Toronto Tool Library will have a kid’s activity on. MGH Nurses will be at the Community Booth. Tawse Winery will be in attendance. And David Chandross is making his second musical performance at the market this season.
Plus, Dr. Nana Jokura, B.Mus, ND of Accept Wellness will be offering free assessments in energy, mood and your health so that you can keep up with your little ones. Accept Wellness is now offering services at its Danforth and Coxwell location again!
To kick us o, Nana has a wonderful apple crisp recipe  you’ll want to try. Do you have a favourite autumn recipe that you make using ingredients from our farmer’s market? Share them on Facebook or email us at market@deca.to.  We’ll share them with everyone!
See you at the market!

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Thanks to DECAF volunteer Caroline Starr for this guest post! 

DECAF - now with buttons! (Photo: Caroline Starr)

DECAF – now with buttons! (Photo: Caroline Starr)

Maybe you recently moved to the neighbourhood. Maybe you’ve noticed Danforth East popping up on a lot of “Best Of” lists in the city and decided this is the weekend to check it out. Maybe you’re friends with one of the very talented vendors and they encouraged you to come support them. Maybe you’ve been in the neighbourhood for a while, but never made it down the arts fair before.

If it’s your first time at the fair, here are a few things you might like to know.

– Danforth East Community Arts Fair, or DECAF, as those of us who dig acronyms like to call it, is completely volunteer run. Art loving volunteers pour through applications early in the spring and make the hard calls as to who will fill the sixty-odd spots that cover the park with creative goodness on the third weekend of September every year. Many of the volunteers are affiliated with local businesses or our stand-out parent community association, DECA. All are passionate about promoting and helping our community grow and improve through events like DECAF. If you’d like to volunteer with DECAF or DECA, please check out deca.to for opportunities.

– East Lynn Park, our home base, is located between Coxwell and Woodbine subway stations (a little closer to Woodbine). Street parking is available. The park is stroller friendly, and wheelchair accessible (thanks to an update this spring).

– DECAF is committed to making art accessible, for both artists and our many visitors each year. Our entry fees are among the lowest in the city for comparable events, and when we’re choosing artists, we work to ensure that artists from a wide range of mediums and with pieces from a variety of price points are represented, so everyone can join in the fun! Many of Toronto’s best known makers set up shop at DECAF in their early days, and have gone on to exhibit at much larger shows like One-of-a-Kind.

– Danforth East is a community on the rise. After you’ve taken your time and perused the many vendors that are set up for the weekend, take some time to check out many of the businesses that work with DECA and DECAF to support the fair, including The Canine Social Club, Silly Goose Kids, and Fresh Paint Art Cafe (our sponsors also include Toronto Honda, Toronto Kia and Deb Dorsey/Homeward Realty). Danforth East is also home to a variety of unique businesses, including Viking Bakery, Toronto’s only Icelandic bakery; Now Magazine’s Best Gourmet Takeout (East of York); three maker retail spaces: Artisans at Work, DesignNook, and NiceNook; The Tool Library and Sharing Depot; many successful DECA Pop-Up shops turned local success stories and much, much more. It’s a great place to spend a day!

– Did you like what you saw at DECAF? Have suggestions for improvement? Please feel free to message us on Facebook, or Twitter! We’d also love to see your Instagram shots! Please tag us at #DECAF16 and follow along at @deca_arts for great pics over the weekend!


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