Calling all ping pong players!

It’s on. 

Four parks.

Four neighbourhood tournaments.

One championship match.

Are you the table tennis champion of the DECA ‘hood?


Why a Table Tennis tourney?

In February, DECA partnered with the Scadding Court Community Centre to award a $2,000 scholarship to graduating high school student in our neighbourhood and our plan is to make this an annual scholarship. 

To raise the needed funds, we are launching our 1st Annual Table Tennis for Tuition tournament

How to sign up? 

You need a team. Each team is made up of 2 players. Anyone 13 or older can play.

It’s a fundraiser, yes. But, don’t worry, you won’t have to knock on neighbourhood doors asking for money. Your tournament entrance fee is your donation.

  • $20 for each adult player 
  • $10 for players 13-19 years

Easy, right?

And, prizes. Of course, there will be trophies and prizes. Prizes are not just for skill either, so bring whatever you got!

Find all the information, rules and details you need on our registration page. 

When and where?

There will be 4 “regional” mini-tournaments Tuesday June 14 & Thursday June 16, from 6pm – 8pm. The winners of each mini-tournament in each league will face off in the final on Thursday June 23 (6pm – 8pm) at East Lynn Park.

Don’t want to play, but want to support the scholarship?

How awesome are you?!?

Click on over to our tournament registration page. Click “Get Tickets” and you’ll find an option to donate. (High fives to you!)

Tell your friends and neighbours and let’s do this, Danforth East!

Tree Care Made Easy!

From your friends at DECA Tree, here is an easy-peasy primer on caring for the trees in our ‘hood this Spring.

Spring is here! Many of us are enjoying time outside, tending our gardens, raking, planting, weeding, and watering.

Spring is here!

But have you thought about the city-owned tree that might be planted in your front yard or on your boulevard? These trees, especially young ones, need a little extra TLC.

So, here’s a quick 4-step primer on tree care:

  1. Clear away weeds and tough grass sprouting around the base of your tree. Weeds and grass compete with the tree for precious water. Keep this area clear of heavy rocks and stones or other debris (including decorative bricks), which can damage the tree roots.
  1. Water your tree. It’s been a dry spring so far, so don’t be shy. New trees are thirsty. Soak the whole area under the tree canopy several times a week. Try placing a hose at the base of the three and let it trickle for at least 20 minutes. Or, make several trips with a large watering can.
  1. Mulch your tree with natural wood mulch in a donut shape around the base of your tree. How much? A good rule is 3 x 3 x 3: 3 inches high, 3 feet in diameter, and 3 inches from the base. Keeping the base free of mulch helps the trunk stay dry and healthy. You should be able to see a little bit of the trunk flare (where the trunk widens at the base).
  1. Check all stakes and ties. New trees are staked and tied when planted, to give them short-term stability. The tie should fall a bit below the lowest branch and be loose enough to allow for the rapid tree growth that happens in the spring. Remove stakes and ties on trees that were planted over year ago. 

Have questions or need help with your tree? Would you like us to swing by and take a look at your tree? Contact us at decaaat@gmail.com.

tree logo


Everything you’ve always wanted to know about the East End Music Project!

The East End Music Project is a gem in the neighbourhood providing music lessons geared to income for kids of all ages! Classes in ukulele, piano, guitar, percussion, and choir are available, all taught by professional musicians and educators for all kids, no matter their income. The EEMP’s fall registration is now open in all classes — and classes are first come, first served.  Find out more at eemp.ca. Classes take place at Secord Public School.
If you want to support the EEMP, a few east end events are coming up:

Fundraiser this Friday: 
Jim Clayton is an internationally renowned jazz pianist, who lives in the East End. Jim’s daughter Lenny attends music classes at the EEMP and Jim is a huge supporter of providing music lessons, education, and instruments to kids who need it most. Jim launches his new CD LENNY JUMPS IN with a fundraiser for the music project on May 13. This will be a lovely night of music followed by a wine and cheese reception. Tickets available here!

Party  on June 3: 
The East End Music Project hosts one of the biggest parties of the year in the east end at their third annual EEMP Spring Fling. June 3, The Attic Arts Hub, details here. The EEMP band promises to deliver all the Prince and Bowie tunes you could desire, with beer sponsored by Sweetgrass.

Mother's Day

Crappy weather making it feel like March.  Long and busy week at work. Long history of forgetting things you should be remembering.

What do these have in common? These are reasons why it’s less than 48 hours to Mother’s Day and you are totally unprepared.

Here’s the good news: our neighbourhood has everything you need to impress even the most discerning matriarch!

Below is a list of local shops to visit to find something for every kind of #DanforthEast mama, organized by categories in an entirely unscientific manner.

note: each business name has a link to the best place for info – websites or Facebook pages – so you are one click away from all the pertinent info (locations, hours, sampling a of what they have to offer) because this tired mama needs to make this blog post quick!

cultured moms: Len: Democratic Purveyors of Fine Art and Beautiful Things  Coxwell & Danforth

  • They are having a birthday party May 7 with free cake and giveaways, AND this is the starting point for the Jane’s Walk featuring much of DECA’s work to revitalize the Danforth on May 7th at 1:30pm

vintage moms: Handwork Dept  Woodbine & Danforth

eclectic moms: Old’s Cool General Store  Lumsden & Westlake

artsy moms: Artisans at Work Woodbine & Danforth

hipster moms: Press books coffee vinyl  Danforth & Westlake

eco moms: Moberly Natural Foods  Woodbine & Danforth (note: cheese and cookies also sold here)

tasteful moms: VII Design & Gifts on Danforth (formerly Pillow Shoppe) Danforth & Monarch Park

silly moms: Silly Goose Kids  Woodbine & Danforth

nerdy moms: Face to Face Games  Woodbine & Danforth

handy moms: Tool Library Danforth & Coxwell

foodie moms: Vincenzo’s Supermarket Danforth & Westlake

We also have so many florists, restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops and other places that sell yummy things to eat at home, gift cards, or are great places to go to celebrate! Follow the Danforth Mosaic BIA and the Danforth Village BIA Facebook pages to see even more about what our Danforth has to offer.

Whether you celebrate Mother’s Day or avoid it like the plague, shopping local is a great way to help the neighbourhood. Good luck, friends!

This Weekend’s Danforth East Jane’s Walks Roundup!

Guest blogger Tina Scherz shares all the amazing Jane’s Walks that are happening this weekend in Danforth East:

Jane’s Walk weekend is happening the first weekend in May, May 6, 7 and 8th. Never heard of Jane’s Walk? Well now is your chance to explore your community and city with the help of your neighbours. Jane’s Walk is a movement of free, citizen-led walking tours inspired by urbanist Jane Jacobs. The walks get people to tell stories about their communities, explore their communities, and connect with neighbours, and Danforth East is representing with a range of walks available for anyone to enjoy. The Danforth Mosaic BIA has also compiled a list of local walks, some a little further afield than this list. A full listing of Toronto Jane’s Walks can be found here.

Returning for an encore performance is Phil Pothen’s Danforth East -A Culinary Walking Tour. Exploring the range of culinary options along Danforth Ave. From banana flowers and injera to giant catfish and dozens of herbs and spices you’ve never heard of, the bustling and emphatically un-gentrified eastern reaches of the Danforth present a cornucopia of culturally-specific fare. Phil’s walk starts at Royal Beef and walk east Friday May 6 @11am, and Sunday May 8 @1pm.

Also returning for an encore performance is Stephen Wickens with his popular historic take on the Danforth: The Death and Life of Upper Midway. A self-proclaimed amateur urbanist and historian and former DECA board member, Stephen’s walk will explore the changes in the area along and surrounding Danforth (historically referred to as the Upper Midway) since it was developed in the early 1900s. The walk starts at 2301 Danforth Ave (the former Wise Guys site) and moves west. Saturday, May 7 @10am.

Toronto has a Main Street? is another walk, led by local Sarah Dewar. Sarah will take you through the history of various industrial activities in the area, using a combination of archival photos and storytelling. This walk will explore how this neighbourhood has evolved in the past 130 years, and where it is headed in the future. Meet across the street of Main Street subway station at Stanley Grizzle Park. Friday May 6 @6pm.

New to the roster of Danforth East Jane’s Walk is a walk led by Lois Didyk and Denise Pinto, two long-time residents and avid Jane’s Walkers called Why socks are not enough… Starting with a story about the inspiration of this walk, an article by street nurse Cathy Crowe called “Socks are not enough: Social justice lies upstream from charity”. We will consider the Upstream Downstream parable, and arm ourselves with the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 formula for social justice as we proceed along a short stretch of the Danforth to see how it applies in our neighbourhood. Through the sharing of stories and some fun activities, this walk aims to get us thinking about “Who’s allowed to occupy these spaces?”, “Whose voices are present and whose voices are missing?”, and “Why does this even matter?” Meet at The Only Cafe 972 Danforth Ave (west of Donlands) and walking east. Friday May 6 @4pm and Sunday May 8 @4pm.

Also new to Jane’s Walk are Tina Scherz, and Anita Schretlen, who will host Building Vibrant Main Streets and the Power of Local.  DECA and WoodGreen have been working on a number of community driven activities over the last three years that aimed to add to the vibrancy of the Danforth. From store makeovers, to pop-up shops to shop local initiatives, join us to see some of these activities in action and participate in a discussion that will explore the following questions: “What contributes to a vibrant street?”, “Whose job is it to build vibrant streets?”, “Who benefits from renewal efforts?”, and “What can we do to ensure gentrification is inclusive?” Meet at LEN, 698 Coxwell Ave, walking east along Danforth Ave. Saturday May 7 @1:30pm.

Little Free Libraries: An Impromptu Reading Walk With Neighbours will visit a number of little free libraries around the neighbourhood, and talk to the people who built them. Bring a book to leave behind, or find new reading material. Led by Denise Pinto, Global Director of Jane’s Walk. Meet at Coxwell Subway station. Saturday May 7 @4pm

Crowd at Sarah Dewar's 2015 Jane's Walk.

Crowd at Sarah Dewar’s 2015 Jane’s Walk.

Become a Tree Expert for the Danforth Adopt-a-Street-Tree Project!

Last year, over 150 new trees were planted along the Danforth. Local volunteers and businesses cared for these trees over the hot, dry summer months. This year, we need to build on our numbers and our expertise!

We have two free spots available in LEAF’s Tree Tenders Training course for volunteers who are interested in learning more about trees and tree care and who are able to devote time to our Adopt-a-Street-Tree (ASST) team.

If you are interested in this exceptional crash course in arboriculture, please contact Erin MacDonald at erin@yourleaf.org. Please include your name and your role, if any, in the AAST project (adopter, outreach volunteer, etc.). New volunteers are welcome!

Tree Tenders details:

St. Matthew’s Clubhouse (Riverdale Park E) at 450 Broadview Ave.

Tuesday, May 10, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Thursday, May 12, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

Saturday, May 14, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Tuesday, May 17, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.


Clear out your stuff and get ready for the 2016 #DanforthEast Yard Sale!


Click here for sign-up info and yard sale tips!

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