DECA does a lot of stuff, but the Pumpkin Parade is many people’s favourite.  Join us on Saturday evening at East Lynn Park with your jack-o-lanterns, candles and mittens. Drop your pumpkin off anytime after 5:30pm. The magic will start at around 6:30.

See you there!




We have lots of fun coming up and we could use some help!


Pumpkin Parade – Saturday, November 1

Saturday night’s forecast is cold, but clear for our fifth annual Pumpkin Parade under the stars in East Lynn Park. It gets underway at 6:30 p.m., but feel free to drop your pumpkin off any time after 5:30pm. Volunteers for clean-up are still very welcome; join us at the pumpkin-tossing afterparty at 9:00pm.


Holiday Festival – Hanging lights, November 8 & 9, 10:00am-2:00pm

We are hanging lights in East Lynn Park for the upcoming Festival of Lights event – please join us! Sign-up to help hang the holiday lights in the trees and along the fence at East Lynn Park. We need all the help we can get!

Here’s the sign-up. Click the link, enter your email address to get into the page and sign up for a shift! http://vols.pt/LM9C1Q

THANK YOU SO MUCH to our Chief of Pumpkins, Heather Bean, and to our Queen of the Lights, Angela Madich for organizing these two wonderful community events. You = super awesome.


Cool New Virtual Community Board

Lose your keys? Want to borrow a neighbour’s ladder? Or how about wanting to pay-it-forward by sharing a great recipe an employee at Moberly Natural Foods passed on? All these things and more are what you can do with a new program a few locals created recently, called 18Blocks.com.

Why are we blogging about this? It’s a not-for-profit with the aim of bringing neighbours together and helping each other. Which is basically what DECA is all about. How could we not get behind this thing and share? And the more people who register, the more useful it will be. We’ve set up a Halloween costume swap for this week. (You can also check out that excellent Sweet Potato-Squash-Coconut Soup recipe from Moberly.)

Here’s some further info and tips from the folks at 18Blocks.com:

Social media platforms connect us with people around the world. But how do we start a conversation with our neighbour? Or discover that someone living two streets over shares the same interests or concerns. We see familiar faces around the neighbourhood all the time. Putting names to those faces? That’s a different story.

We created 18Blocks to make ground zero – your neighbourhood – well, a little more familiar. Simply put, we’re a neighbourhood notice board – just like the one in your grocery store or public library – but with some 21st Century differences. Unlike conventional notice boards:

1. You can access us any time – on your coffee break or in your pajamas;
2. You can create beautiful notes, with colourful templates and multiple photos;
3. You can receive an instantaneous response, publically or privately.
4. You can keep your contact details private until you are ready to share them.
5. You don’t need to paper the poles of the neighbourhood to get your note read.
6. People don’t need to walk past to notice your note.

18Blocks was founded on a simple insight: that neighbours share more than a postal code. Now, neighbours can easily uncover common interests – like gardening, running, or books; resources –like used bikes, tools, or babysitters; and special talents – like tutoring, baking, or dog training.

It’s true. Sharing your time, resources and interests with those that live around you helps build stronger connections. The neighbourhood becomes more than a postal code; it becomes a community. And community is at the heart of 18Blocks, the neighbourhood notice board. You can visit the site at 18blocks.com to see how it works.

A couple of things to know:

Residents of Danforth East should be automatically placed on the Danforth East page when you come onto the site. If this doesn’t happen, select Danforth East from the Neighbourhood Map by typing Danforth East, Toronto, and then clicking the Danforth East button on the right of the may screen. You must be registered on the site to post notes.

Have Fun!

Revitalization Updates

There’s a ton of great info packed into this guest post from the Danforth renewal dynamic duo, Tina & Gay.  Read on for all the exciting changes the team has been working on to improve the ‘hood.

Whether you shop local, work local, eat local or pitch in to lend a hand on renewal projects, you’re supporting the revitalization of our commercial strip. We all get stoked when new businesses open and DECA and WoodGreen are excited to continue renewal efforts on the Danforth! There’s lots going on and we’re grateful for funding support from the Metcalf Foundation as we head into year 2.


Pop-up successes looking fabulous in WoodGreen’s annual report.

Change like this happens through the incredible work and dedication of local volunteers. Thank you!

Danforth Mosaic BIA’s AGM: this TUESDAY

The Danforth Mosaic BIA is the longest BIA in the city. It extends from Westlake to Jones. The BIA aims to stimulate business and improve economic vitality. Local business and property owners volunteer their time and can be elected to the BIA Board of Management. Their Annual General Meeting (AGM) takes place on Tues. Oct. 28th at 7:00 p.m. at 695 Coxwell Ave., on the 6th floor of Tobias House. All business and property owners within the BIA have a vote. For more information email danforthmosaicbia@gmail.com

BIA is Working to Re-brand Shopping on the Danforth

There’s a new BIA marketing committee, and in September local businesses and residents were invited to contribute their vision of the area.

Over 30 people came together during three sessions to participate in a range of activities designed to help define the area. Participants shared their thoughts, used pictures, and tested their artistic skills to envision what the Danforth could be. This was the first step to generate input for the BIA’s new marketing plan to put the area on the map! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming months!

BIA Marketing consult

A BIA marketing consultation session.

DECA’s Business Revitalization Team Strikes Again

In August, DECA’s Business Revitalization Team (BRT) created a splash on the Danforth with another storefront makeover! Helen’s variety store (1781 Danforth Avenue) was transformed from the old shabby, faded blue façade to a clean, bright new look featuring yellow and white stripes.

How does something like this happen?! Needless to say, it’s a lot of work. It takes the passion of a team lead (Pat Young) and the talent of many volunteers to design, research, consult, promote and then implement this brand new look! Why Helen’s Variety? Watch this one minute video to find out.


BEFORE: Helen’s Variety’s awesome make-over team.


AFTER: owner Tom poses with the new & improved Helen’s.

Turning Ideas into Reality:
Reimagining the Laneways

Did you know renovations are planned for Coxwell station? So why not look at ways to improve the adjacent laneways? That thinking led to a DECA/WoodGreen sponsored consultation, during Art of the Danforth last May, facilitated by

architect Michelle Senayah. City Councillor Janet Davis pitched in, connecting DECA/WoodGreen to the TTC and Green P Parking Authority. Over 20 people attended the consultation held adjacent to the laneways, on TKOS’ patio.Fast forward to September and we are delighted to report that everyone’s dreams and ideas to improve the laneways are closer to becoming a reality! Things like murals, better lighting, signage and wayfinding, and more attractive fencing, were on the table at a meeting convened by Councillor Janet Davis. Representatives from the TTC, Transportation Service, the Public Realm at the City, Green P Parking Authority, DECA, WoodGreen and East End Arts are working together to find ways to move forward. Teamwork takes time and there are no guarantees; still it’s awesome to know that improvements are coming. We’ll keep you posted!

The Reimagining Coxwell station laneway session.

So much local Halloween fun coming up!

Danforth East Costume Swap on 18Blocks

18Blocks.com is an online community bulletin board recently started by a couple of locals. To kick off the Danforth East page, there’s a virtual costume swap happening now! Have a gently used costume to spare? Looking for a new one? Join in! The site is easy to use and looks like a fun and useful way to connect with your neighbours. We’ve already added a notice for our Nov. 1 Pumpkin Parade. Check out 18Blocks here and start swapping!

Howl-o-Ween at Merrill Park, October 25, 1:00-3:00pm

MPDA_Oct_16_2014 Poster

The Merrill Park Dog Association Annual Howl-o-ween event is this Saturday!

This year they have amazing prizes provided by local businesses including The BoroughMelanie’s BistroWag on the DanforthThe Canine Social Company and Carter’s Ice Cream.
The weather is supposed to be sunny and 15 degrees or higher. It should make for a lovely day!

Halloween Swap Costume Build at the Tool Library, October 26, 10:00am-4:00pm

BOO! The Tool Library is having a COSTUME SWAP & mask making festivities on October 26th from 10am-4pm at 1803 Danforth Ave! Check out all the details and sign up here.


halloween swap


Art Cave Halloween Spooktacular, October 31

Don’t forget to drop by ArtCave this Halloween (155 Lamb Avenue, near Danforth & Coxwell) for treats, tricks, crafts and a spooky photo booth! The best costume wins a voucher for a free class! Hope to see you there!

Art Cave Spooktacular


Anything we missed? Let us know on our Facebook page or via Twitter @DECAdiaries

Heroes vs Villans – this Saturday, October 25 from 7:00-11:00 p.m.

East End Children’s Centre’s Kimbourne site, 200 Wolverleigh Blvd.


$30 at the door, or buy advance tickets by clicking here (save a couple of $$).

An Adventure of an evening that will include delectable edibles, creative cocktails, silent & live auction and dancing! Give our wheel a super spin to win fabulous prizes! Guests are invited to dress as their favourite hero or villain!

Live Auction the following:

  • Tickets to Stevie Wonder at ACC Nov 25 – premium seats
  • Tickets to Usher at ACC Nov 2 – premium seats
  • Tickets to Leafs vs Arizona Jan 29 – premium seats
  • A week’s accommodations in a condo on Palm Island, Fla
  • A Private Party for 10 at Brass Vixens
  • A Dance Birthday Party for 12 children at Pegasus Dance Studio


This year is the fifth anniversary of DECA’s magical Pumpkin Parade in East Lynn Park – and it falls on a Saturday!  If the weather’s right, we could be in for a record-setting, spectacular display.

As always, we’re looking for volunteers to help. Extra cleanup help after the parade will be especially welcome this year….skip the gym and toss pumpkins instead!

  • Greeters –  During the parade, volunteers will help their neighbours place and light their pumpkins. We’ll need three or four of these volunteers.
  • Haulers –  After the parade, volunteers will load pumpkins into dumpster bins on site.  If you have a wagon or wheelbarrow (or bike trailer?), you’re like pumpkin-hauling gold. For this job, the more the merrier. (roughly 9-10 p.m.)
If you’re available to help out with this fun event, please contact Heather Bean by clicking here.


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